Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hi everyone!

I talked with the professor today after class to seek his opinion about the themes I sent out earlier. He really liked the evolution of appendages idea. We felt that there is a lot of material there for everyone. You don't have to stick to humans, in fact, it'd be great if we covered many organisms and/or compared appendages of different organisms. Such as the evolution of a rat's tail vs. that of a kangaroo? Or the evolution of external vs. internal sex organs. Or vestigial appendages, such as the tailbone/coccyx in humans (I call that one :). He doesn't have a problem with overlap in the course, but he just wants us to do our own in-depth research about the topic. He also thought the evolution of pathogens would be acceptable as well, but he liked the evolution of appedages much better.

Just food for thought! See you on Friday!